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Social Media is Turning Us Into Assholes

From facebook to Twitter to Google+, social media is teaching us a lesson about ourselves. The unfortunate lesson is that we are assholes.

Now, not YOU, and hopefully not me a lot of the time, but us.

I don’t love pro wrestling, but when I’m scrolling through my time line and I see someone calling pro wrestling fans “single digit IQ retards”, it sort of pisses me off. I used to watch the WWE (it was the WWF back then), and I’ve got a fancy piece of paper that says my IQ is well into the triple digits.
I also get a little agitated when angry fans tweet nasty things to athletes after a mistake in a game. Hey, I tweet and write about athletes all the time, but you won’t ever hear me calling one of them a “worthless bag of shit who should jump off a bridge before his next start”. Yes, its true I once asked Chris Perez if he could change his Song of the Day to Don’t Pitch to Jose Bautista and he called me a jackass, but I think we both understood that was a bit of innocent fun. And, really, don’t pitch to Jose Bautista.

Littered among the many great things the social media has been a part of in my life are the realities that so many people are arrogant, self absorbed bastards who can’t make a point without putting another group of people down.

Isn’t it possible to say that you’re not a fan of Glee because the acting is subpar and the story lines are impossibly mediocre without the line “Glee fans are gay”?

I don’t know, maybe I’m rambling, but I have a feeling that if aliens landed on this planet and spent a couple hours on twitter, they’d take the secret of truly sustainable power back home and never come back. And its mostly because too many of us assholes think that we’re always right and anyone who has a different clothing style, sexual preference, sports team, entertainment choice, coffee shop preference, hairstyle, blog service, income level or political party isn’t worth the air they breath and needs to be told how wrong they are.

I do crossword puzzles, love live theater and watch Jersey Shore. We’re all adults here, deal with it.



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The Great Marijuana Debate

A few minutes ago, I posted this tweet:

Ok. Gymmed, showered, groceried. What now? Cigar and blog? Beer and TV?

I got a couple good-natured responses. This was one of them:

neither, cigar + weed mixed together until a blunt is created. Light, toke and enjoy

Then I said:

Ha. Those days are long behind me.

Then, what started out as a reminiscent missive became the debate to end all debates when his reply came:

its funny, ppl quit smoking weed but keep drinking. If you do research you will find weed is much MUCH safer and better for you

(I left the person that I spoke with anonymous only because I don’t know how he feels about being talked about publicly.  They are more than welcome to comment and take credit for their thoughts, but I want that to be their choice, not mine.)

I’ll spare you all the rest of the back and forth, but I feel like my stance on alcohol versus marijuana is both clear and correct. The biggest difference between the two substances is legality. That’s it. I don’t smoke marijuana because it is illegal.

When you dissect the arguments for legalizing marijuana, most of them are sound. In fact, this is a big in fact, I agree that enough firm precedent exists in this country to legalize marijuana in the relatively near future. AND I’M OK WITH THAT. My argument against marijuana isn’t a fundamental one, it’s a practical one.

Look, I’m no angel. There may be a time place when I have to defend a loved one or make any number of snap judgement calls that could potentially land me in a bit of hot water, but those scenarios would all be dictated by instincts. Whether or not to buy a bag and smoke a bowl, even if I just sit on my patio without bothering anyone, isn’t instinctive. It’s a long-term thought process with multiple steps.

The go to argument for most when discussing the legality of marijuana is that weed is safer and better for you than alcohol. My response to that argument is, “So what?”. Alcohol being legal HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MARIJUANA BEING ILLEGAL. Its a sad commentary on the state of your logic if the first thing you say when confronted with reality is “but its better than beer!”.

Really, though, most of the people the fight the hardest to legalize marijuana do the cause the most harm. Arguing marijuana against alcohol is a lost cause. Beer, and by virtue of ingredient, alcohol, is ingrained in our culture. Right or wrong, that’s an undeniable fact. Beer ads in national magazines, on TV all afternoon and evening, during every sporting event worldwide… no one is ever going to beat beer.

But, the pro-marijuana person says, drinking and driving kills people and ruins lives! Smoking weed just makes you lazy for an hour.

Agreed. Drinking and driving is high on the list of most unforgivable, irresponsible things that a person can do. Drinking and driving is MUCH worse than smoking a bowl while you watch the Indians game tonight. There is only one thing that drinking and driving has in common with smoking weed; they’re both illegal.

There’s where the argument derails. The pro-marijuana majority doesn’t take into account that it’s just as illegal for me to cause a scene in public whether I’m drunk from alcohol, high from weed or even sober and just being an asshole. Same ticket, same fine, same opportunity for me to be a dick to the police and end up spending a night on a very uncomfortable bench. It’s not the substance that gets me into trouble, it’s the behavior.

I’ve finished a Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA in the process of writing this post. Just one. It hasn’t hurt my liver, because I don’t overload my liver to the point of adverse effects. I’m not drunk, but I realize that scientifically, this 9% alcohol by volume ale is enough to cause slight impairments to my reaction times. I’m a responsible drinker, who’s sitting on my patio futzing around with my blog.

Its apples to oranges to compare a person who responsibly uses marijuana to an alcoholic that regularly drives drunk. That’s no different from comparing a person who responsibly uses marijuana to a career thief, or mugger, or much worse. Those are behaviors, not substances.

I’m the person that the pro-marijuana people profess to be, just with a different substance. And that’s fine. Personally, I have no problem with someone doing what I’m doing right now, just with a bowl instead of a bottle, but it’s not legal. That’s why I’m not doing it, and its also why I have no sympathy for those who have created trouble for themselves by using or selling marijuana.

A person can do dumb things and hurt themselves and others drunk, they can do dumb things that hurt themselves and others high, and a person can do those same dumb things sober. Believe me, I’ve done them all in each state of mind. I know plenty of people who have smoked marijuana that have led good lives. No criminal issues, no broken marriages, no abusive parenting. I also know people who smoke weed that are no good thieves that routinely beat up their girlfriends and end up in jail. Guess what. I know people in both of those groups that smoke weed, drink beer and who do neither. Being a bad husband or parent isn’t a substance, it’s a person. If the government re-enacted prohibition tomorrow, and I had a beer on my patio, I’d be the same fundamental person that I am right now. If, with the same legislative stroke the government made marijuana legal and I smoke a bowl, I’d still be the same man. No abusing either substance, I wouldn’t run my car into a family of four and I wouldn’t ruin my relationship.

I have friends and family members that were ruined because of an addiction to marijuana and I have many friends that were ruined by addiction to alcohol. I blame neither substance, I blame the sad fact that those I care about let those substances control them. Its their fault, regardless of which one is legal.

I believe in personal accountability, so I’m actually for the legalization of marijuana with the same controls and stipulations that surround alcohol. But today?  Its illegal, so I’m drinking a beer.


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Trending Topics: We’re Not Just In Cleveland Anymore, Dorothy*

I love the Cleveland trending topic location option, but I can’t just be all Cleveland all the time.  (Actually, I probably could get away with it, but I’m practicing for when I go national.)

Here are the top five Trending Topics, right now, Monday May 16th, 2011:

1) #ignoredtextmessages – Text messages have many advantages over phone calls, and the foremost among those is the ability to ignore the person texting you.  Sure, you can look at the caller ID and not answer the phone, but what happens when you decide to answer the phone but then immediately regret it?  When the girl who called you suddenly starts hinting toward you having her babies and what kind of ring she wants, you can’t just set the phone down and walk away.  You’re stuck awkwardly giggling and fighting back daymares featuring the chick you’re talking to and scenes from Fatal Attraction.

With a text you have all night to take some deep breaths, watch a romantic comedy and craft a disarming response.  Texts win.

@NoWordsNeeded: I’m pregnant #ignoredtextmessages

@Rwinefine90: I want u to have my baby #ignoredtextmessages #lostyomind

See, they all agree with me.

2) #thatswhyursingle – Is it because I’m constantly watching sports, daydreaming about golfing, always getting lost in thought, spend too much time in front of a computer, make stupid jokes, forget about making dinner, get caught up in what I’m doing and ignore the rest of the world, jump up and down swinging my arms at big moments in big games, embarrass everyone I can by randomly dancing at the grocery store and write articles about the Medina helicopter debate? (This first one, and then a long-winded retort to a comment.)

Well, boo on you, haters, because I’m not single.  Boom.  Outta here.

@JBBostonArmy: you’re an arrogant asshole.#thatswhyursingle
No need to mince words.

3) #ispendwaytomuchmoneyon – Not grammar lessons. I can’t complain too much about the misuse of to, too and two, at least they’re literate enough to be on Twitter.

The vast majority of people mention either gas or food, with college making a respectable showing.  Our winner doesn’t need any of those things:

@Trav_is_lindsay: #ispendwaytomuchmoneyon Hookers and bubblegum

4) Fitted Cap – This is a song.  A rap song, although I imagine that you probably assumed that it was a rap song.  It’s moments like this that make it difficult for me to defend one of my favorite genres.  Here’s the blurb:

Maybach Music Group’s Wale, Meek Mill and President Rick Ross link up with Roc Nation’s golden boy J. Cole for “Fitted Cap”


5) Seth MacFarlane – “Deadline.com reports that “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has acquired the rights to reboot, on TV and film, “The Flintstones,” that famous pre-historic family from Bedrock.”

Yes, please.  I just wish Chris Farley was alive to be Barney.

*Or whatever your name is.

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Trending Topics: The Confused Cleveland Edition

Here are the top five Twitter Trending Topics right now, Saturday May 7th, in Cleveland, Ohio.

1.) #illpunchyouintheface – Welcome to Cleveland, city of top notch sports fans, world renown culinary artists and people who are brimming with excitement over the possibility of punching you in the face. I mean, I totally understand. Every now and again the urge to crumple someone’s whole dome up reaches up and tugs on my pants leg, but those days are behind me. I’ll rage vicariously by reading others tweets. Also, I have no idea who Fifa is, but I’m sure she could find a guy who wouldn’t watch TV while he’s sleeping with her.

@MonstahSlj: if You EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Walk in Front Of The Tv When im Banging Fifa #illpunchyouintheface

2.) #thatoneperson – Does the phrase “Only in Cleveland” apply when we go from punching each other in the face to waxing reminiscent about that one person that we’ll never forget? Cleveland truly is a confused town, but from the looks of the hashtag, there’s lots of us in love, too. I’ve found my “that one person”, but I’m a little worried for Fifa? She needs to find this guy, I think he was talking about her:

@mrmarchand: #ThatOnePerson whom you had sex with years back that the thought of them makes your legs mildly weak

3.) #thankyou – Thank you to so many friends who have taken a little money out of their wallets to donate to the National Kidney Foundation. Thank you to Kelly for encouraging me to spend time writing. Thank you to my mom for always loving me. (Happy Mother’s Day). But, most of all, thank you twitter, for summing up my life in this tweet:

@TRIGGAMANN21: #illpunchuinthefaceif I Hold The Door Open For You And You Dont Say #ThankYou

4.) Seve Ballesteros – Seve, a legendary professional golfer, died after a years long battle with brain cancer. He was arguably Spain’s greatest athlete, if he’s #2, he’s only behind Rafael Nadal, and one of Europe’s greatest golfer. Seve was to the European Tour what Arnold Palmer was to the PGA. RIP, Seve. Now you can finally play the courses you dreamt about.

5.) Juno – Juno is both a city in Alaska that I’ve never been to and will probably never visit and a movie I’ve never seen and don’t really ever want to watch. There. I stand defiantly in the face of Alaskans and film fans.

I’m giving you the raspberry.


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