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Social Media is Turning Us Into Assholes

From facebook to Twitter to Google+, social media is teaching us a lesson about ourselves. The unfortunate lesson is that we are assholes.

Now, not YOU, and hopefully not me a lot of the time, but us.

I don’t love pro wrestling, but when I’m scrolling through my time line and I see someone calling pro wrestling fans “single digit IQ retards”, it sort of pisses me off. I used to watch the WWE (it was the WWF back then), and I’ve got a fancy piece of paper that says my IQ is well into the triple digits.
I also get a little agitated when angry fans tweet nasty things to athletes after a mistake in a game. Hey, I tweet and write about athletes all the time, but you won’t ever hear me calling one of them a “worthless bag of shit who should jump off a bridge before his next start”. Yes, its true I once asked Chris Perez if he could change his Song of the Day to Don’t Pitch to Jose Bautista and he called me a jackass, but I think we both understood that was a bit of innocent fun. And, really, don’t pitch to Jose Bautista.

Littered among the many great things the social media has been a part of in my life are the realities that so many people are arrogant, self absorbed bastards who can’t make a point without putting another group of people down.

Isn’t it possible to say that you’re not a fan of Glee because the acting is subpar and the story lines are impossibly mediocre without the line “Glee fans are gay”?

I don’t know, maybe I’m rambling, but I have a feeling that if aliens landed on this planet and spent a couple hours on twitter, they’d take the secret of truly sustainable power back home and never come back. And its mostly because too many of us assholes think that we’re always right and anyone who has a different clothing style, sexual preference, sports team, entertainment choice, coffee shop preference, hairstyle, blog service, income level or political party isn’t worth the air they breath and needs to be told how wrong they are.

I do crossword puzzles, love live theater and watch Jersey Shore. We’re all adults here, deal with it.



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Derek Jeter’s Ball and Google+ in More Than 140 Characters

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately, and by lately, I mean for six months.  Or more.  I’m not giving up, though, so don’t get used to me being a blog hermit.

The burning question in the sports world today is, “If you caught Derek Jeter’s 3,000 hit, what would you do with it?”

I would have done that same thing that Christian Lopez did with it, give it to Jeter.  I know how much easier that is to say that it is to do when the ball we’re talking about was estimated to make $400,000 at auction, but… wait… $400,000?!?!

Lopez got some sweet swag; four front row seats for this season and the postseason and bats, balls and jerseys signed by Jeter, but I’m pretty sure that $400,000 would buy lots of memorabilia.

That’s a tough spot, thinking about the historical significance of Jeter’s ball and the present day significance of my bank account at the same time.  I’d sell the ball, but not at auction like some wannabe Scrooge McDuck.  I wouldn’t be happy unless it ended up in Jeter’s hands, that is where it belongs, but a down payment on a house or a college fund or an early retirement are too good to pass up.

Google+ is taking the social media world by storm.  Normally I’d be all “Pffft, who needs another stupid social network.”, but Google+ is damn cool.  It’s so much cleaner than Facebook.  No ads (and probably won’t need ads, as that’s not how Google monetizes their sites), no games (some might see this as a downfall, but I’m so happy to not see all those game updates in my feed) and the circle sharing system that lets you choose who in your networks can see what.

(Unrelated update: Stephen A Smith is hosting Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN.  This guy finds a way to be awful every time he takes the mic.  I’m going to go channel surfing, maybe Dr. Phil is on.)

Anyway, Google+, in my book, is already better than facebook.  No one is going to know just how much better unless Google can 500,000,000 people signed up to G+ profiles, but it’s off to a great start.  It’s not quite as good at networking as Twitter has proven to be, but there’s no way to tell if that’s because there aren’t enough users yet, or if Twitter’s appeal goes beyond just yelling at each other for most users.

Either way, Google+ is going to be around for a while.  You can find me at +JoshFlagner.

Police Blotter of the Week:

July 2nd – A little before 10 pm a Miner Drive resident was hammering a hanger into the wall of his apartment, which angered his neighbor.  The 62-year-old neighbor allegedly threw a dish against his door, shattering it.  She was charged with criminal mischief.

Because that’s what I do when I’m angry, I break all of my own stuff.

I’d like to apologize about the rain in the area, too.  It was my fault, I forgot to cover the grill.


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Salaciously Serendipitous

I tweeted today for people to send me some words and/or ideas for me to ditty about. @JohnnySarcasm sent me a tweet that only had the words “Salaciously Serendipitous”. I decided right away that I’d blog a couple verses based on those two words. I was really excited about doing it, too, right up until I started. Then I immediately regretted the decision. Its easier to rhyme the word orange than something based on those words and ideas. But, I’m a trooper, and exercising my mind doesn’t make any sense if I just wax about how my kittens are smitten with mittens, so here goes…

The basis of today is, to see where second base is, so find a shirt that barely fits, and show me some salacious. Don’t stomp now, walk gingerly, bring me some and then you’ll see how you and me were meant to be sexual serendipity.

That very well might have been terrible. If you think so, find @JohnnySarcasm and yell at him for putting crappy ideas in my head. @BridgetCallahan also suggested that I write something about what to do in Cleveland when its cold out and you’re out of alcohol. Since its getting cold and I often run out of alcohol, I think I’ll tackle this one soon.

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