Ask Me Things

There are days that I wake up with a head full to the brim with ideas, outlines and opinions that practically leap from my mind to the screen. On days like that, I feel intellectually invincible. Like I could be big time columnist for a big time publication.

There are also days when I wake up completely empty. I still have plenty of opinions, but no coherent ideas about getting those opinions organized. I read CNN, ESPN, sometimes even The Huffington Post or TMZ looking for something to get my fire lit. One time I did a hand stand and tried to shake the ideas out of my head the same way a bully would hang a nerd upside down to empty his pockets. A dime fell out of my pocket, got stuck in a nostril and darn near suffocated me.

Empty days are bad for my health, because no matter how badly I want to write, I just end up having creepy daydreams about change.

So, do me a solid and ask me things. I’d absolutely love to write a weekly advice column, tell stories about things you might think are interesting, or do anything else I can to help my friends know me better.

Email or tweet me. I’m never too far from my phone.



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