Social Media is Turning Us Into Assholes

From facebook to Twitter to Google+, social media is teaching us a lesson about ourselves. The unfortunate lesson is that we are assholes.

Now, not YOU, and hopefully not me a lot of the time, but us.

I don’t love pro wrestling, but when I’m scrolling through my time line and I see someone calling pro wrestling fans “single digit IQ retards”, it sort of pisses me off. I used to watch the WWE (it was the WWF back then), and I’ve got a fancy piece of paper that says my IQ is well into the triple digits.
I also get a little agitated when angry fans tweet nasty things to athletes after a mistake in a game. Hey, I tweet and write about athletes all the time, but you won’t ever hear me calling one of them a “worthless bag of shit who should jump off a bridge before his next start”. Yes, its true I once asked Chris Perez if he could change his Song of the Day to Don’t Pitch to Jose Bautista and he called me a jackass, but I think we both understood that was a bit of innocent fun. And, really, don’t pitch to Jose Bautista.

Littered among the many great things the social media has been a part of in my life are the realities that so many people are arrogant, self absorbed bastards who can’t make a point without putting another group of people down.

Isn’t it possible to say that you’re not a fan of Glee because the acting is subpar and the story lines are impossibly mediocre without the line “Glee fans are gay”?

I don’t know, maybe I’m rambling, but I have a feeling that if aliens landed on this planet and spent a couple hours on twitter, they’d take the secret of truly sustainable power back home and never come back. And its mostly because too many of us assholes think that we’re always right and anyone who has a different clothing style, sexual preference, sports team, entertainment choice, coffee shop preference, hairstyle, blog service, income level or political party isn’t worth the air they breath and needs to be told how wrong they are.

I do crossword puzzles, love live theater and watch Jersey Shore. We’re all adults here, deal with it.



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16 responses to “Social Media is Turning Us Into Assholes

  1. Thanks for so clearly saying what I have been thinking!

  2. Word. The latest was Harry Potter. I’m not particularly in to Harry Potter, but to each his own. But everyone was bashing the “dorks” that were excited for the movie. Who cares?
    Another that gets me is beer – people go bananas if you don’t drink what they consider to be “good” craft beer. You know what? I enjoy Michelob Ultra (when not pregnant, of course). That doesn’t mean I have *no* taste, it means I have *different* taste than other than enjoy a DogPoundFishHopIPAStout or whathaveyou.

    • Oh my GOD! You don’t drink DogPoundFishHopIPAStout!? I’m not sure if we can be friends.

      • I hope you never think that I’m pushy with my posts about beer. (If I am, please tell me via email, DM, whatever means you’d like!!!) My passion is sometimes taken the wrong way…that is until you meet me, then you understand. 🙂

        I 100% respect your beer choices…in fact my future In-Laws drink more Miller lite than anyone I know.

  3. Thank you! This is so true. It’s easy to sit behind a computer screen or hold a smartphone and forget that what you’re saying about people is about ACTUAL people. A little good-natured teasing is one thing, but all too oftern lately I see people crossing lines and being downright mean.

  4. everyone should have to read this. I’m pretty sure I know of the post you are talking about because I ranted to my wife about it. I enjoy the contrast (and confused looks I get) I cause because I’m a poet/playwright and watch wrestling. Rash/broad generalizations are made daily about people who do this or do that just come off as petty, mean and uniformed. The really annoying part is how they hide their petty comments on whichever particular “social media” instrument those people they are saying about won’t see it on.

  5. Nicely said. I hate to keep quoting Jersey Shore, but I keep telling people “you do you” and not worry about the rest. I hate the snark that’s festering over many typically lovely people as of late. Here’s hoping they see this post and it opens their eyes a bit.

    • And there’s not a damn thing wrong with Jersey Shore.

      I couldn’t imagine changing things with a little old blog post, but if this results just one less judgemental douche, we’ve won. 😉

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  7. I generally try to stick to the “would you say this to ______’s face?” or “would you say this in front of your grandma?” rules. The internet seems to make it easy to forget there are real, live people on the receiving end of your message(s). Sadly, that didn’t start with social media, but it certainly speeds up the nastiness.

    Hopefully the heat’s just making people crabby, and some pleasantness will return soon.

  8. Great stuff as always and so damn true!

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