The Cleveland Orchestra and Casey Anthony In More Than 140 Characters

It’s been a week since my last post, and a few inconsiderate ideas hanging around in my head won’t stop leaving their cigarette butts all over the place and burning holes in my couch.  I tried to reason with them, but they’ve been drinking, so I just have to kick their asses out.

The Cleveland Orchestra canceled the Star Spangled Spectacular, the annual free concert on Public Square to celebrate the Fourth of July, to make room for a free concert on September 11th to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

I dislike this decision.

I think that 9/11 needs every memorial and headline and concert that people are willing to devote to the memory of those that we lost.  I will never forget waking up that morning for a class, turning on the TV and seeing  the planes hit.  Never.  I can’t type these words recalling that morning without needing to take a couple of breaths and compose myself.  That day made me angry and sad to the point that I couldn’t talk about it right away, and I didn’t even lose a friend or family member that morning.  I cannot imagine the pain and anger that so many people felt, and still feel.

See, I’m not against having a free concert to commemorate this anniversary, I’m just against canceling the July 4th celebration to do so.

The Star Spangled Spectacular draws thousands of Clevelanders to Public Square for a day long celebration of our nation and our city.  So many people live in Cleveland and don’t even know that the orchestra exists that I think its bad form to take away the event that has the potential to educate Clevelanders about an amazing thing their city has to offer.  We don’t have many things here in Cleveland that are considered one of the world’s best, and it’s a shame that most of the public has never even seen the entity we have that fits that description.  Sure, people can come out and watch the concert in September, but that’s not a celebration.  It’s not a national holiday with a long weekend or an early summer day that’s filled with joy and anticipation.

That day will be a somber day spent in remembrance of lost loved ones and honoring those who sacrificed their lives to fight the flames of the Twin Towers and the bullets of the enemies in the Middle East.

That’s important.  But have two concerts.  Don’t take away a celebration from a city that is starving for things to celebrate.

Casey Anthony is found not guilty.  Holy shit did twitter go crazy.  I’ve never seen so much reaction all at once.  I wonder what would have happened if twitter was around for the OJ Simpson trial.

I have a hard time believing that Casey Anthony didn’t murder her daughter, but I know that all of us watching this on TV have seen and heard things that the jurors never were allowed to see.  Those jurors, whether or not I agree with them, followed the strict rules of our justice system and did one of the most difficult jobs anyone has had to do recently, especially considering the media scrutiny.

My opinion is that Casey Anthony is guilty but was acquitted because the prosecution didn’t do an especially good job of putting together enough physical evidence of Casey Anthony’s guilt.  Remember, those jurors only heard and saw the things that the judge allowed them to hear and see.

Families are torn apart and a little girl will never grow up, we should all spend more time deciding what we’re going to do about helping to move forward for those that are affected than we do relentlessly bitching about the injustice of it all.

Police Blotter entry of the Week:

June 22nd: There was a complaint of an unknown female giving someone dirty looks at a West Union Street apartment.

More Than A Fan is going strong.  We have five columnists now and are putting great stuff online every day.  I know there are at least four of you that would be happy to see me make it big, so come check out Lisa, Ryan, Deb, Stephanie and me do some work.

Now, I’ve got to get the grill warmed up for the last of our 1/4 pound hot dogs and corn on the cob.  Peace.



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One response to “The Cleveland Orchestra and Casey Anthony In More Than 140 Characters

  1. lol dirty looks.

    Cleveland Hts police blotter had someone calling the cops for what they say was a “chorus” of cats meowing.

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