What’s Your Caption: Naked Planking?

In typical Tuesday fashion, Tyrone took too much tequila to the tweetup and got totally toasted.

Really, though, this is one of the more unexplainable pics that I’ve seen floating around the internet. People get wasted and take off their clothes on a fairly regular basis, but the clothes are usually around. Did this guy get on the train naked?

I sort of hope so. Anyway, What’s your caption?

Planking over. This guys wins.

Planking over. This guys wins.



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11 responses to “What’s Your Caption: Naked Planking?

  1. Elias

    I took this photo why r you saying you seen this

    • If you read the post again, you’ll see that I said “things I’ve seen floating around the internet.”

      Had I been trying to make people think that I took the picture, I would have said, “things I’ve seen on a subway and decided to take a picture of.”

      Do you understand this better now?

  2. Kate

    When did you find this picture floating around the internet?

    • The date on the post is June 28th, 2011. When I was still doing these caption contests, I usually just posted the picture the same day I saw it online. I have no idea what daily lol type site the picture came from.


      • Kate

        I was just wondering if the picture was found recent as in this week, or old as in last June? Just wondering lol its hysterical

  3. Elias

    because there’s a problem that my girlfriend doesn’t believe I took this photo a couple of days ago

    • Sorry, bro. You may have taken a photo that looks very similar, but the image on my site came from a “pic of the day” type twitter account or facebook post in June of 2011. I guess that guy might have still been asleep on the train last week.

  4. Kate

    I need to know if this was recent as in this week? Cause someone showed me the exact photo the other day

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