Stupid Ketchup

So, I put a notice out to Twitter that my brain needs a tune-up, and that I would love for someone to tell me something they need advice on so I could jump start the old creative juice maker.

I got one response. (WTF, the twitter.)

@ClevelandChick: @RailbirdJ How about advice on how to not get your ass kicked by ketchup, which we almost did.

So, of all my one response, the one I chose to piddle on about is when Ketchup was giving us the stinkeye. Sort of. It wasn’t really a stinkeye, because the Sugardale Hot Dog mascots that do the Cleveland Indians promotions don’t really have eyes. He was more just constantly turning around and staring at us out of the meshy area that the costume wearer can see and breath from. Its amazing how intimidating a person in a giant wiener costume can be.

Mustard, Onion and Slider seemed pretty resigned to us being there right off the bat, and never really gave us a second thought. They just kept walking down the street like we belonged wedged between the Indians mascots and the Irish Wolfhound club.

Wait wait wait… I guess I should mention that @ClevelandChick, @KaseyCrabtree, Tom and I had wormed our way into this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Cleveland. There was an open spot, and I really wanted to walk a little bit. That’s normal, right?

Check out the rest of the story here.

That was a fun post to write, and an even better day. Also, thanks to @ClevelandChick, I may have gotten the tune-up I needed.

We’ll see tomorrow.


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One response to “Stupid Ketchup

  1. I’m pretty sure that this means you have to duel with ketchup sometime.

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