What’s Your Caption: The I’m A Neglectful Blogger Edition

It feels like its been ages since I last hit the “New Post” button and did any thinking. I have all kinds of brilliant ideas saved up (I have one idea)(brilliant=mediocre), but I just haven’t had the right kind of time to write.

There are many different kinds of time, some time happens when you’ve got a full, bright mind, ready to turn ideas into words. That’s when all the writing happens. Other times, its your physical self that’s rearing to go. That’s gym time. And then there’s the time at the end of an exhausting day, when you barely have the faculties to decide which channel to watch, and you end up dozing off at the first commercial break.

The last one is the time I’ve had lately, but with good reason. My 30th birthday is Friday (May 27th. Gemini, if you believe in that sort of thing.) and we’ve been in a mad rush to prepare the house for a party that weekend. Normally that wouldn’t be such a big job, but its our first home, we just moved in January, and before last week the only thing I’ve ever planted was my ass on a bar stool.

Add my weekly golf league (if you think I’m missing that, you’re high as a kite), a couple of Indians games and a full social schedule… Well, you get the point.

You’ll hear no complaining from me (well, no serious complaining, anyway), but I just haven’t had the feeling to write.

So this is my mea culpa, and, to make myself feel better, a caption contest. As always, leave a caption and have some fun. The prize is knowing that I giggled at the funny ones.

I guess Dyson didn't make this one.

I guess Dyson didn’t make this one.


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One response to “What’s Your Caption: The I’m A Neglectful Blogger Edition

  1. Brisquett

    “Banksy is getting lazy.”

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