What’s Your Caption: Dan Gilbert’s Office Door and A Word About Lebron James

So, ya, I love Dan Gilbert. I also kind of hate comic sans. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

Lebron’s apology makes me angry. Not for myself, but for Mo, Andy, Boobie and the rest of his Cleveland teammates. Its amazing that no matter how hard Lebron tries to turn his image around, he ends up looking like a bad guy.

Maybe it isn’t Lebron, maybe his comments are always so scripted that they never end up right, maybe he’s actually just a selfish prick, who knows. Its not really important, either. In a couple seasons the NBA landscape will be different, there will be other players accused of collusion and Lebron’s mom will finally be living openly with Delonte. We can harp on Lebron all we want, but we can’t let ourselves think that our indignation actually means that Lebron owes us anything. He doesn’t. It would be nice if he had a few sincere words to say to Cleveland fans, but his kindness is a luxury for us.

What makes me sad is how readily Lebron threw his teammates under the bus. I’m not saying Lebron’s assessment of talent is wrong, I’m saying that he’s more culpable for the structure of those Cavs teams than he realizes, and any player who respects the game wouldn’t publicly tell teammates that they weren’t good enough. Real superstars, Hell, real men always blame themselves.

Cleveland fans who still spout off with over played monikers (leprick, lebum, lefraud) on a regular basis and talk about how deeply they hate Lebron make the city look bad. That stuff makes Cleveland fans seem petty and vindictive (ignorant, uneducated, naïve), and the only advice I can give to those fans is to let Lebron lie in the bed that he’s made in silence.

You see, basketball is a naked sport. Its just a guy in shorts and a tank top, every success and every failure bared to the world. There’s no helmet to hide behind or dugout to sink into. Lebron may get his championships, and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the most gifted players ever, but his seat at the Legends Table is gone. In every comparison to the Legends, its Dwayne Wade that has a chance to fill that seat. Lebron is on the periphery with the likes of McHale, Worthy and Pippen.

A Legend wouldn’t have implied that 61 and 66 win teams weren’t good enough to beat the Boston Celtics, a Legend would have led those teams to victory.

I don’t hate Lebron, I just fell for the hype that he was something more.

So did he.

Lets just hope the lemonade stand draft lottery goes well.

Lets just hope the lemonade stand draft lottery goes well.


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One response to “What’s Your Caption: Dan Gilbert’s Office Door and A Word About Lebron James

  1. Ray

    Well said. I agree on all points. I too am tired of all the lebron hating…Quitness, Legone, LeBum etc. Our town with all it’s great sports history shouldn’t be resenting the loss of a guy with terrible character. All sports fans, not just Cleveland fans, deserve better. The guys just a bad sport at his core I think. When times get tough he pulls the old Cartman “Screw you guys, I’m going home”. Well good luck with that Lebron. I hope your rings keep you warm at night when you go down as the next Scotty Pippen (except Scotty Pippen wasn’t a douche)

    Also, I like Comic Sans, I don’t care what Dan Gilbert or anyone says.

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