What’s Your Caption: Barack Obama Trumps Bin Laden*

*Get it? Trumps? Trump? The Donald? Hehe.

I’m not in favor of politicizing Bin Laden’s demise, but I felt this image is tongue in cheek enough to both celebrate an historic moment and to bring a little light to the end of a terrifying era. We will never be finished dealing with terrorists, but we are finished dealing with this one.

I did not lose anyone on 9/11, but I know those who did. I know they cry sometimes for no reason. I know they’re getting ready to visit graves for the tenth time this year. I know that those people felt something as close to relief and closure as possible late last night, and for that I’m thankful.

No one has to immediately jump party lines, no one has to bow out of running against Obama in 2012, but please, take a second to think about the victims of 9/11 and their friends and families before you go running your mouth about politics today.

Barack Ice Cube Obama

Barack Ice Cube Obama


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One response to “What’s Your Caption: Barack Obama Trumps Bin Laden*

  1. Jane

    It’s about time. That’s a easy statement to make while I sit in my comfortable suburban home here in the United States of America. However, I am thankful that our military and the CIA never gave up the manhunt for this spiritual leader of the most hatred group ever known. I really do not think that Barack Obama had very much to do with the entire mission. That caption is lame. The smile on his face is even worse! The man should have had to bring forth a copy of his birth certificate and other papers at the time of his signing up to run for the president like everyone else. Just like we, the people, must show proof for everything we sign up for. It’s kinda late now, it should have been demanded then.
    The president can’t even get his own Administration to agree on a story to tell the people of facts of the mission, what does this say about him being too busy killing OBL? Give credit where credit is due. May 1st should not of been about politics but about gratitude of this mans, I mean monsters, demise. As far as politics, we’ll see if our president furthers the mission to tag the next spiritual leader of hatred and their military leader.

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