The Eleventh Big Fifty, Proof I Have A Heart & How Hearts Should Be Used

So, here we are, officially into the teens on this Big Fifty blogging project.  OK, it’s not technically the eleventh post, but pretend my blog has been raised on chicken and milk loaded with crazy hormones and chemicals and it’s developed more quickly than it ought to have.  Demanding Joy describes #11 as “Random acts of kindness you’ve committed”.

I’m calling it “I Don’t Suck”.

Old Man On The Steps:

Stopped at a red light on the way home from work one day I noticed a young and an old lady struggling to get an elderly man up the stairs from the driveway into their house.  I stopped at their house and along with my dad, who I was carpooling with at the time, helped the man up the stairs and into his favorite chair. He had just been discharged from the hospital, so we were very careful.  I was stupid enough to not really think about possibly hurting him, I just saw how upset everyone was when they couldn’t get him into his home.  I have no idea what happened with that old guy, but I know that he needed to be home.

The Walmart Parking Lot Guy:

When I lived in Strongsville I frequented the Walmart on Pearl Road.  Cheap groceries, close to home and some good, old-fashioned freak shows.  There was an older black guy who I’m pretty sure lived in a stand of trees off to the side of the parking lot.  He never caused any trouble, as far as I knew, and he was always in control of his mental capacities enough to not be creepy and make people feel uncomfortable.

I never really paid that much attention to him.

I can feel how much that sucks.

I pulled into a spot one day just at the start of a crazy cold rain.  As I was getting ready to get out of my truck and make my harrowing dash through the rain into the store, I saw Walmart Guy running through the cold rain, pushing his shopping cart, in nothing but a T-shirt.  As I walked in past him in the doorway, I could tell he was cold and shaken.  I went by, stopped, went back and asked if he was all right.  Dude actually smiled at me and said everything was fine.  I picked up the few things I needed and grabbed a zip up hoodie.  Not fancy, but new.  And warm.

By the time I got finished, Walmart Guy was gone.  His cart was near his stand of trees, but I didn’t see him anywhere.  I put the hoodie in a bag by itself and set it on his cart.  I have no idea if he got the hoodie, but the way those guys watch their stuff, I’m pretty sure he saw me put it in there.

The Epiphany Paragraph: is a smart, funny site. Also, I didn't ask his permission to use this cartoon, so GO BUY THINGS FROM HIM!

Writing this post has quickly made me realize that I kind of suck at doing good things.  That’s one of the reasons that I got involved so deeply with the National Kidney Foundation and the Cleveland Kidney Walk, because dumping change in the Salvation Army bucket might be enough for some people, but it shouldn’t be.  We should do things.  The things we do don’t have to be huge.  They don’t have to be expensive.  But they should be something that someone else will remember.  That’s how we should measure our impact on this Earth, not what we think about ourselves or what our bosses think about us, but what the person that we’ll never see again remembers us.

Let this inspire you to get involved in something.  If you need help getting started with charity, email me, I’ll get you involved with the Cleveland Kidney Walk.  The folks that put that together are some of the best people I’ve ever met.  They managed to convince the Cleveland Gladiators to partner with them, so they’ve got to be good.



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2 responses to “The Eleventh Big Fifty, Proof I Have A Heart & How Hearts Should Be Used

  1. you damn do gooder.

    what you a hippie?
    or some sort of commie?

    In all seriousness tho it is shocking how little things can really make someone feel better (or help them) and in turn make you feel good. It’s also shocking how fast we can forget that and get out of the habit of helping.

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