The Seventh Big Fifty, Mostly Staying On Topic

So, if you were to read the actual list at Demanding Joy that inspired the Big Fifty, the seventh topic is “Good things that happened this week”, but I think we all know how much regard I have for the rules by now.  I have such a terrible concept of time in day-to-day life that there’s no way I could possibly (be motivated enough to) know exactly when things happened, so I’m going to stick with good things that have happened to me recently. (I could probably rename this blog “Lazy Guy Rambles” and everyone would think it’s appropriate.)

First good thing that’s happened to me recently is that a friend of mine actually gave me the laptop that I’m typing on right now.  That’s right, like, “Here’s a laptop, enjoy.”  Holy crap.  Little known fact about me is that I’ve never had a laptop before.  I always had a desktop, and I went from that straight to pimp smart phones, and never had anything else in between.  I didn’t have any concrete plans to get a laptop, either, I just heard a friend was upgrading and asked what was going to happen to the old one.  (I’m only withholding a shout out by name because I’m not sure if my friend would be cool with it, but let me assure you that I appreciate her generosity enough to tell everyone.)  The only bump in the road came when I saw that it was a Mac.  I’m no PC snob, by any means, but I’ve never really used the Mac OS, so the last week or so has been a little bit of a learning process.  Also, I’ve tried to close the window I’m on by clicking in the upper right hand corner at least 79 times.

The other banner good thing that has happened to me recently is a new freelance writing job for the Cleveland Free Press.  The moment where everything intertwines is that I wrote my first article for the website on this Mac.  Holy awesomesauce.  (It’s my 2011 Cleveland Indians prediction post.) Do some clicking, the CFP website is pretty awesome, and I’m excited to be a part of its growth.  The CFP is a grassroots local journalism effort with an already impressive group of writers.  The site is owned and edited by K. Paul Mallasch and the CFP is a part of KPaul Media.  We should all stop by there and let him know that I’m a genius.  He’ll love it.

The other recent good things that have happened to me are doing a brake job/tire rotation, fixing my muffler and fixing my lawnmower.  There’s no way that I could have ever gotten all of that done so quickly or cheaply without my Dad or my brother Joel.  (We also needed Mom to supervise)  After three mid-project trips to the parts store, lunch from Five Guys, and lots of swearing at each other, we got everything finished in time for me to hightail it home and have dinner with Kelly at Cozumel.  (I suggest Cozumel to everyone.  In fact, stop reading, drive there, order, now start reading again.  Your food will be in front of you before you’re done with the post.)

A friend is gifting me a gas grill, my golf league is starting up its first practice round Thursday, the Indians won their first game, and I’m going to log off here and hang out with Kelly and the kitties.

I’d end with something optimistic and inspirational, but tomorrow is Monday.  Nothing good ever comes of Mondays.



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2 responses to “The Seventh Big Fifty, Mostly Staying On Topic

  1. bravo. I love what Cleveland Free Press is doing! You know besides the obvious mistake of hiring you of course.

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