Evening Coffee

As I sit at my dining room table, finally with enough time to relax and enjoy a cup of evening coffee, I can’t help but think that I have been a bad blogger lately.

Its so quiet and peaceful right now, and I have so many opinions and stories… But I have nothing to say. Not at the moment anyway. I’ve been using my free time to write for 90 Feet and Running, a recently launched sports website that covers the Cleveland Indians. 90 Feet and Running is part of the G9 Sports network of websites. G9 Sports is run by, and mostly written by, women. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to 90 Feet and Running by the site’s editor and writer, Lisa. (Follow her @LovinTheTribe if you’re an Indians fan, you won’t regret it)(But if you do, forget about what I said.)

I love being able to write for a goal. I’ve got things I have to produce, and while it can feel a little “jobby” sometimes, its something I’ve always wanted to do. The only drawback has been that I’ve given this site less attention. Its not even that I’m so pressed for time that I can’t sit down for a couple minutes and bang something out, its just that, when you get down to it, writing is pretty hard.

For instance, I spent two days shaping a column about Manny Acta in my head, then about an hour writing it out. After that, I proofed it, added tags, added images, added some links, made sure all the appropriate signature stuff was there, then finally scheduled it to post. So, without counting thinking time, I’ve got about 90 minutes into the column. I’ll round up, though, because I wasn’t actually counting and sometimes I lose track of time. Two hours. I thought it was a good column, and I’ve gotten some good feedback. I’m proud of the accomplishment. In fact, I’m so proud that I’m going to shamelessly plug it: Acta’s Chance To Be The Man. While you’re there, check the site out, its worth it.

Anyway, my point is that during the two days I was obsessing over how I was going to attack the Acta column, I couldn’t write anything here because my brain was all overloaded with baseball and Nicolas Cage stuff. (You’re going have to read the site, I’m not giving the magic up in the teaser) I don’t know if any of you are able to be thinking about something then write a post that’s any kind of worthwhile about something different, but if you can, you’re way better at this than I am.

Then, after I sat down and dumped my brain onto the keyboard, I felt pretty spent. Intellectually, anyway. I don’t think I have more than 2,000 words in me at a time right now. (I’m sure I do, actually, but that kind of rambling has to happen on its own. I can’t force 3 posts in one sitting or they’re all gonna sound like a high school essay) I was working on a couple other articles for the site in the next couple days, and when I finally sat down to and loaded my WordPress app, I just stared at it. I had ideas. Jokes, opinions, even some pictures dancing around in my head practically begging to be turned into poetry… but I didn’t have any words left. Not any worthwhile words, anyway.

I think I need a schedule, or inspiration, I just don’t want to let this blog fall by the wayside. One thing I think will help is a new notebook Kelly got me for Valentine’s Day. A notebook and a couple pimp pens. I’m excited to put pen to paper again. I’ve been many years punching keys, but there’s a special kind of creativity that happens with a pen in hand. Hopefully my next post will be a transcript of my first handwritten ditty in years.

Until then, if anyone has any ideas about making a writing schedule, or how to keep my muse fresh, give me a holler. I probably won’t be able to produce 700 words about not being able to write a lot again in the near future, and the trending topics on twitter have sucked lately, so I need some ideas.



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2 responses to “Evening Coffee

  1. I agree nothing beats the act of putting pen to paper.

    especially with pimp pens!

    I often juggle several plays (with one being the main focus) poems, blog post and etc at once. I don’t recommend that because it is VERY tiring. Often when working diligently on a play the blog ends up suffering. The way I find to keep the muse fresh is drinking heavily…no I’m kidding…or am I?

    I do it the same way I do with my other writing immerse myself in discussions of writing (with poets for poetry, playwrights for plays and other bloggers for blogging) Creative discussion and talking (even if just shooting the shit) always helps keep things rumbling up there and hopefully open up the writing.

    In terms of blogging when I find I’m having difficulty I just make sure to do a lot of reading of other blogs (especially if the theme, style and authors really vary.) Taking part in certain weekly post things (ie the old tmi thursday posts or the post it note tuesday) leads to continue flow of ideas and readers.

    Another thing that helped my general writing and perhaps maybe could be used in blogging (it mostly created poems, fiction or plays) was my wife would write a word or phrase down in the morning and I’d just write whatever comes out from it. It usually just helped me get the crap out and open the good stuff up.

    None of this was helpful. Lol

  2. Jane

    I totally agree. Something magical happens when pen meets paper. Don’t get me wrong key boards are fabulous. However the art of handwriting has been too easily thrown to the wayside. Always having a pen and paper makes it happen, being able to jot down a thought adding key words as the creativity flows. Ah, the sweet feeling of it all coming together. Inspiration alone will work out a schedule. Oh yeah, writing instead of using a device at work looks like work and not like socializing. LOL.

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