Trending Topics: The Too Much Bieber Edition

The top 5 twitter trending topics, Monday, February 7th, 2011.

  1. #idontunderstandwhy -The best part about writing trending topics posts is that so many are just ridiculously easy to talk about. (If your first thought was “why don’t you write more, then?”, its because writing is hard, and sometimes I’m lazy.)

    Here are the first three tweets that popped up when I searched:

    @MzPurplelady: #iDontUnderstandWhy folks be like “if it was me, I woulda..” [stfu you wun gone do shit”

    @beibercrown: #idontunderstandwhy Justin isn’t telling us the truth about Selena. I mean, the whole world kinda found out you’re dating. No secret.

    @DatQueKeith: #idontunderstandwhy females want niggas to express their feelings all the time *riley voice* THAT SHIT GAY

    I’m waiting for the twitter police to pull @beibercrown over and ask him what he’s doing in this neighborhood.

    (Also, feelings aren’t “gay”, they’re feelings. Healthy people have emotions, and never use the word gay in a judgmental way. (Only as a joke))

  2. #Auristegui – Carmen Aristegui is a Mexican journalist who got fired for talking about Mexican president Felipe Calderón’s drinking problem.

    What would have happened in America if Brian Williams would have gotten fired for talking about Bill Clinton’s *ahem* insertion issues, or James Carville for Baby Bush’s random breaks from common sense, or Katie Couric… Can we send her to Mexico?

    Really, though, if Mexico’s president is a drunk, the people should know. I, however, have no idea if he is because I only made it halfway through Spanish II in high school and my only real life experience with the Spanish language is that one time I accidentally hit the “change language” button on my TV. (Espanól means Spanish, every other word means “WTF is going on with this POS TV?!) I’ve said it before, censorship is never the answer.

  3. Femme Fatale – Hooray for paid for trending topics. This is the title of Britney Spears’ latest CD.

    I have no idea if its any good, but a Britney who has all her hair and doesn’t party like a Lohan isn’t really a Britney that I’m interested in.

    Great side story about Britney. A friend of mine at work used to go on at length about how hot Britney is, all the things he’d like to do with her, and, most ardently, how sexy her perfume smelled. Dude would sniff magazine pages and go nuts about that smell. He even bought his wife some, and promptly regaled us about how great the dates were when she wore the perfume.

    Then, one morning, he was all sadface. We tried to cheer him up with a smelly magazine tear out because that had always worked before, but it only made him worse. We finally got an explanation from him around lunchtime. Turns out that he got home, Smelled the Britney perfume, got all happy, and went to the kitchen to talk to the wife, only it was his daughter. I still giggle about that sometimes to this day.

  4. #4days – Speaking of blonde women, did you know there’s only #4DAYS until Justin Bieber’s movie gets released? I bet you didn’t. I bet you also didn’t know that before the pop machine took hold of the music industry, a kid like Justin Bieber could have grown up into a guy like Elton John. Not anymore. Now, he’s just going to be this until someone catches him huffing computer duster behind the Malibu Office Max.

    I’m not a particularly big fan of Lady Gaga, but I do really enjoy Sir Elton, and I can’t help but be appalled at how spot on their duet at the Grammy’s was.

  5. Gary Moore – Gary Moore is one of those rock and roll legends that mostly only rock and roll people remember by name. Ands that’s no insult. There are just too many artists for the general public to know about, just like there are thousands of athletes with great skill, or politicians who achieved lofty goals. Gary Moore played guitar for Thin Lizzy, and he played it like the great ones did. He was born in Belfast, Ireland, he died on Costa del Sol in Spain and spent the 58 years in between entertaining everywhere in between.

You know, every time someone famous dies, part of me always thinks, “whatever, that person isn’t any more important than my grandpa was when he died. Why should we all care?”. I care for two reasons. The first is that I think people that dedicate their lives to entertaining us are special. Not because they’re rich, or funny, or can sing, but because they put themselves at our mercy on an everyday basis. They get drilled in the press and the rumor mill, and come back every day for more. I think that’s pretty cool.

The second reason I care is because if I ever achieve any modicum of fame, it would comfort me knowing that my friends and family have so many more people praying for them and comforting them in a time of need.


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One response to “Trending Topics: The Too Much Bieber Edition

  1. Loved Gary Moore.

    best part was CNN listing Thin Lizzy songs that he didn’t work with them on.


    I agree in the grand scheme of things they are no better than your gramps or mine or anyone elses.

    But speaking as an artist there is something amazing about answering the muse and putting yourself out there for the world to ridicule or love or both.

    That of course is a very sentimental look at artist and making art. I’m not daft enough to think all are simply following the muse or trying to follow the nobleness of art.

    I’ve missed the days of Aristotle or even like Longfellow when poets mattered….


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