Holy Busy January, Batman

Wowser, what an end to the month. It’s been a week or so since I posted last, so I thought I’d ramble a bit. Consider this a make up post. (Kind of like make up sex, but only without the excitement of actually having a payoff when you’re finished here).

The one bit of actual “news” that I have is that I’ve been given an exciting opportunity to have a writing job. (Important clarification: “Job” is a loose term. I have deadlines and assignments, not paychecks. Just so you don’t think I’m gonna get all pompous on you.) I’m a contributor for 90 Feet and Running, the Cleveland Indians G9 Sports site. Yes, G9 Sports is a website run by women, I can still write for 90 Feet and Running because the head honcho is a woman. She’s @LovinTheTribe on Twitter, so if you have any Tribe questions, give her a follow. (Look for my first column Thursday at 7am.)

I’m also much busier at work. I haven’t gotten any fancy things like “raises” or “promotions” or “bonuses”, but my “to do” pile (Leeeeeeeroy) is getting larger, so that’s maybe an indicator of fancy things to come.

In other work related news, Clark-Reliance CEO Rick Solon (my awesome company, and my big boss) is the Corporate Chairperson for the Cleveland Kidney Walk. Since I’m the walk coordinator for Clark, this is huge news. I’m stoked! This year should be great for the National Kidney Foundation, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Look for @NKFCleveland on twitter, then yell at @JoshuaWomack82 for not using twitter like he should to promote the Cleveland Kidney stuff.

Kelly and I are finally starting to settle in enough that there are nights that aren’t filled to the brim with Home Depot trips and late bedtimes. (I do wish I could remember to get the damn transition strips, though. I was at Home Depot yesterday, too, never even thought about the damn things.) There’s still some stuff to hang up, but we’re good. And that’s so freaking exciting. (What is not exciting, however, is that I’ve been clearing the driveway and worrying about the gutters. #old)

(Yep, I just hashtagged in a blog post. Guess what else. You liked it)

We also got our Medina Rec membership, which is more great news. Its close, has everything I need, and I can hit golf balls there on Sundays. Sadly, though, that’s as involved in Medina as my current busy days to brainpower ratio will allow. I haven’t even had time to sit down and read the Post or Gazette, let alone write about what’s going on. (To be fair, I have time, I just don’t have the will or ability to do these things when the time presents itself.) I want badly to write more about local affairs, I’m hoping once the weather breaks my brain will begin functioning more dependably.

The consensus seems to be that January was tough on everybody, so I feel like I got pretty lucky.



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4 responses to “Holy Busy January, Batman

  1. right, like, *my* January 😉

  2. January sucked for me in terms of writing as I got absolutely no amount of considerable work done on my scripts (play or poetry)

    oh and the whole still no job thing sucked too.

    I try to give to the kidney walk but this year I dunno things are really starting to get tight.

    also the will to actually get to the writing after having no time is almost always the hardest part


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