A Testimonial: @TeamPribisko

This is a testimonial I wrote for @teampribisko. Those of you that know me, know I would never give advice to my friends if I didn’t think it was the best thing to do. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, the best thing you can do is visit Team Pribisko’s website and sign on to become their clients. I promise.

Tell ’em @RailbirdJ sent ya! (It won’t get you a discount or anything, I’ve just always wanted to say that)

After working with Team Pribisko long enough to look at 38 houses, there are three things that I will always remember; their flexibility, attention to detail and client service.

As young first time home buyers, we fell love with a home we saw at an open house. We just had to have it, so we scheduled a viewing. It turns out that we had no idea how to judge a home, or even what we truly wanted in a home, we just saw fresh paint in a nice neighborhood and started daydreaming. Steve took the time in that home to show us all the things that we didn’t know we should be looking for.

Throughout our time together, we always felt guilty for seemingly using so much of Team Pribisko’s time. Steve and Pat followed us all over Cuyahoga and Medina counties on the weekends, and even late after work during the week. No matter when we called or what we needed, the answer was always positive, and the appointments were always prompt.

Steve and Pat always made us feel like we were their only clients. They would finagle their schedule to work around what we needed. Every client of theirs is their most important client. That is a great feeling.

Thirty-seven houses after that one, we walked into what would become our home. As a final testament to Steve and Pat’s flexibility and service, due to a multiple offer situation, we had a deadline to get papers signed. I had a company function that Saturday, and we were both tied up all morning and afternoon. Steve and Pat met us at that function on a Saturday afternoon, and we made our best decision yet.

We could have bought a house without Team Pribisko, but we never would have found our home without them.



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3 responses to “A Testimonial: @TeamPribisko

  1. Oh man I was hoping the story ended with them hacking some people up to help you get it.

    add zombies!

    Sounds like good people, helping good people. Hooray all around

    but there really should have been zombies.

    Do I take nothing serious?

    Zombies I take them serious.

  2. Kelly Ann

    Twitter peeps are the best peeps eve! I’m glad they helped you find a home finally. They really are good people.

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