Garter On Your Grave

This here is a poem I wrote a long time ago. Time plays such mean tricks on us that I can’t remember when. All I know for sure was what car I had. A 1986 Mercury Cougar. It was the only car that ever had a garter hanging from its mirror.

Hey grandpa
You know I really coulda used you today
I had some trouble with my girl
And you woulda known just what to say
I really wish that cancer wouldn’t got you man
Cuz I have a lotta days like I had today
Days I remember all your puppies
And all that crazy shit you used to say
That twinkle in your eye when you saw a momma walk by
All those things you said without havin to say
You stickin your tongue out when you think
Finishin evey sentence with a wink
Man, when I needed anything,
You were there before I could even blink
I’ll never forget your last Christmas
You knew it was over, I’d never seen you cry

I know that’s not what you want from me
You don’t want my tears
And you know I don’t have any flowers hanging on my rear-view mirror
That’s why I’m gonna give you something that made me smile
Something that I saved
We’ll laugh together one last time
When I hang this garter on your grave.


Roger L. Wood

I haven’t forgotten you yet, old man, and I never will.



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2 responses to “Garter On Your Grave

  1. very good even if it’s a rhyming poem. haha sorry I had to. Reminds me of my gramps.
    seems very similar in actions and the loss.
    good job.

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