My Opinion: Has Martin Luther King’s Dream Come True?

Today is Martin Luther King Day. The day that we all tweet and facebook inspirational quotes and links to CNN and MSNBC articles that someone spent a lot of time thinking about. We watch History Channel documentaries that inspire us to change our various social media profile images from bathroom mirror self pictures to the first Google image search result of “MLK pics”. We convince ourselves that we really care about the history of the Civil Rights movement. We even spend a few minutes daydreaming about doing some volunteer work at a local charity organization.

You know what we don’t do? We don’t actually do anything.

Sure, the President is black, and there are plenty of minorities in positions of influence and authority all over the place, but really, in this day and age, how hard is it to convince those in the public eye to act like they embrace diversity?

The progress that our government, or judicial system and lots of America’s corporate structure is important, but we need more than that. There are a lot more of us, of me and you, than there are politicians, judges or executives.

One thing to do if we really want to make Dr. King’s dream come true, is we have to care more. Not about how tolerant we can make people think we are by telling them that we voted for Obama, or work under a minority manager (and have no issues with it at all!), but about each other.

I know that’s one hell of a cliché (“Till next time, friends, take care of yourself…), but its as true as anything can be. The Civil Rights movement fights for the people of this world to respect each other, no matter what color you are, and no matter what color they are. I’m white, and the way I treat the white guy that’s my server at Olive Garden has as much to do with how I feel about civil rights as the way I treat the black cashier at Popeye’s does. (One joke. I’m allowed one joke per serious blog post. Its in my contract, I swear)

If we really want to make The Dream come true, we have to dream, too.

Its Martin Luther King Day. Today shouldn’t be the day we care about Civil Rights, everyday should be the day we care about Civil Rights.



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2 responses to “My Opinion: Has Martin Luther King’s Dream Come True?

  1. Like I already said back at your comment on my post I really couldn’t agree more. Reflection and meditation are both good, are both needed but when they become the model of a “routine” to do once a year they defeat the purpose. There is a stagnation that has set in with so many bright and caring people. Some seem to think that what he spoke out about has all been accomplished. It hasn’t. It all can start by the simplest of ways and how you put it. Care. The more people do the more change is brought about.

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