Medina: Hospital Helicoptor Harangues Homeowners

The front page of Sunday’s Medina Post reads “Hospital helicopters still an issue for neighbors”. Its a page one story about the Cleveland Clinic’s Medina Campus’ helipad, and how the departures and arrivals disrupt the surrounding neighborhood. My first reaction was to think that the people complaining had little ground to stand on and even less capacity for understanding the difficulties of critical logistics. After reading the article, I realized that I was right.

Having spent many years in a house that sat a short porch home run away from a busy railroad crossing on state route 252, I completely empathize with really hating a repetitive noise disruption to your daily life, but every now and then you just have to suck it up and be thankful for what you have.

Even worse, this isn’t some crass company moving freight, these are life saving operations. There’s a patient on those helicopters that is in critical need of the fastest transportation available to those that are charged with their care. Of course Cleveland Clinic is hearing the residents out, and will do their due diligence when it comes to possibly altering flight paths and putting up sound barriers, but come on people! These are lives we’re talking about here.

Instead of complaining about noise every time Life Flight lands, how about you say a prayer for the person that needs it. Who may only ever be able to hear a noise like that again because they were on the helicopter.

As a parting idea for this post, I leave you with one more complaint: A resident was upset that helicopter noise disrupted Christmas morning for her, her husband and their five children. I bet they were all so short sighted in their annoyance over losing five minutes of Christmas that not once did anyone look around the room and wonder how they would feel if the people they loved the most ever needed that helicopter.

And it wasn’t there.



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6 responses to “Medina: Hospital Helicoptor Harangues Homeowners

  1. how dare someone be in critical need of medical attention while they try to video their kid opening up barbies dream house!

    so much of the worlds problems come from only seeing things with “me” visors on.

  2. Someone need to tell these people I have the solution to their problem:

    If you don’t like it, move. If you can’t move, shut up.

    Done & Done.

  3. I appreciate the agreement. There seems to be a chance that this post is going to run in next week’s paper, and I’m pretty sure that all the feedback isn’t going to be as supportive as I’ve gotten so far.

    We’ll see, though. Maybe some folks will come around.

  4. It isn’t just about the noise. There is a lot more than that and neighbors have been trying to tell the story but have been hushed up by Cleveland Clinic. This is about competition between hospitals, not saving lives. It is also a matter of safety and actually more time to get to critical facilities if you are not a heart attack or stroke victim. CCF is not the best or closest place to be transported in most cases and not everyone’s insurance will pay for CCF.

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