Dear Medina

Dear Medina,

Today is the 15th day that you’ve had to put up with me as a full-time resident. I hope that I’ve treated you as well as you’ve treated me.

You sent over our first neighbor to visit before we even had the walls painted or the carpet out. Good old Earl, who’s still kicking at 145 years old (approx). Earl who’s balance doesn’t quite match his confidence, so when I saw him shoveling his driveway, I went across the street and knocked it down for him.

You also gave us another set of pretty cool neighbors (so far, anyway. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll see a Hallmark Channel movie about the new neighbors who end up buried in the back yard. But I’d be surprised.), Chris and Amy. They stopped by right in the middle of the carpet tear out, and I knew they were cool when they didn’t care. We just talked a minute, then I went back to work. I look forward to much coolness, and no Hallmark movie.

Everything from the awesome guy from National Flooring who came to do the carpet and the super helpful Armstrong Cable installer all the way down to the guy from Home Depot paint guy who actually knew what he was doing.

Medina, you’ve been pretty awesome. Your people are friendly, your retail areas are pretty organized, and there was one perfect house for us to be in. Thanks. Now be a doll and grab me a beer.


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