A Trending Opinion: Verizon or AT&T? iQuit

It’s Tuesday, January 11th at roughly 1pm, and if you haven’t heard by now that Verizon announced the iPhone 4 you might want to check for signs of life.

This is great news. Its great for Verizon, its great for people who like or are locked into Verizon, and its great for competition and variety. What this is not great for, apparently, is conversation amongst tech enthusiasts that doesn’t include condescension or name calling.

Twitter is exploding with folks arguing over what networks are better and which phones do more things. This would be a bellweather day for the type of discourse that Twitter can bring to us, except everybody is too busy being an asshole to eachother.

Here’s a humongous newsflash: with very few, and very small, exceptions, its all the same. Every carrier has strengths and every phone has weaknesses, we just pick the one that fits our needs and pocketbooks and move along. Hell, I saw in Consumer Reports that AT&T had the worst customer service and Verizon had the best. This was a week after a Verizon guy was a total douche to my girlfriend, and switching to AT&T was seamless thanks to great people working with us. Ask around, everyone loves one carrier or phone and hates another. And those choices never end up in the same column.

Its a wash. Great service depends on the randomness of who answers the phone when you call. A great network depends what region of the country, state, or sometimes even city you spend most of your time in. And a great phone depends your needs, your price point, or maybe just what button shape you prefer. So can we kindly just calm down a little bit and spend some time thinking how sweet it is that we can have this cool stuff in the first place, instead of continually proving to the world that we’re a nation full of self esteem so low that we need to have pissing contests over everything we touch?

I have a Blackberry Torch through AT&T. This fact doesn’t make me a Blackberry “fanboy”, or mean that Verizon sucks. It just means that I have a cool phone that I can write blogs with.


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