Trending Topics: The I’m Your Huckleberry Edition

The top 5 Twitter trending topics, right now, Wednesday, January 5th 2011.

  1. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity – Today is the fraternity’s centennial anniversary. Founded at Indiana University, it has finally surpassed open wheel racing and white people playing basketball on the list of things Indiana is known for. Congratulations on #2! (The number 1 thing that Indiana is known for is 3 boring hours out of the 12 boring hours driving between New York and Chicago)
  2. Hayao Miyazaki – This is a Japanese anime guy. I’ve got nothing, but a friend of mine tweeted me concerning his awesomeness. My friend is @exlibris, and I’ll quote the tweets: “HUGE Japanese animator who made some classic films. Some classic, amazing films. *next tweet* Totoro, Nausicaa, Kiki’s, Lupin’s Cagliosto… do yourself a favor, lock yourself in a room and watch them all.”

    He sounds impressive. (He probably also sounds like the big evil, slit eyed, buck-toothed enemy from an old school Bugs Bunny cartoon)

  3. Gerry Rafferty – This is the blurb about Gerry Rafferty: “Gerry Rafferty dies aged 63. Singer-songwriter behind Stuck in the Middle with You and Baker Street endured battles with music industry and alcohol.”

    My blurb isn’t specific to the man, I admittedly don’t know enough to have more than a cursory opinion, but its more about being sad about how we’ve lost so many artists from this generation to the same things. When was the last time the community lost an iconic artist to natural causes? The only time we’ll ever celebrate drugs is when we finally find out that Mick Jagger died in 1998, but all the coke in his system is keeping him hopping around.

  4. National Whipped Cream – This is my 3rd favorite day of the year, just behind National Wet Tee Shirt Day and National Pudding Wrestling Day.
  5. Huckleberry Finn – Censorship is never the answer. Part of the power of Huckleberry Finn is having to see, read, understand, say, confront the word nigger. Its one of the ugliest, most emotional words in our language.

    My question is, if a child is so sheltered from this word, and the ideas behind it, how the hell is that child supposed to understand the heroism that happens in the story? A brash youngster has the stones to turn conventional wisdom on its ear and hold a person accountable for what’s inside, not the what’s outside. How is that point made without addressing the attitudes of the day?

    I say again, and I say it as vehemently and violently as I can, censorship is never the answer.

    And the publishing company who’s doing this is run by a bunch of assholes.



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6 responses to “Trending Topics: The I’m Your Huckleberry Edition

  1. censorship is never the answer.

    I couldn’t agree more. I was somewhat dumbfounded when I saw the story about it. I was further dumbfounded when I found a fellow playwright who agreed with the move.

    It is one of the ways art has of improving challenging and changing the world it represents. We can’t gloss over the history we don’t like to remember.

    • I can’t even articulate how pissed off it makes me that they’re changed Huck Finn.

      History is worthless unless we remember the terrible things. Not only do the bad moments provide us with a list of things not to do, without them there would be no benchmark to show our improvement as a family of people.

  2. Aaaand I mistyped “Cagliostro” and forgot the R.

  3. Whoa, I suggest getting familiar with Miyazaki! He’s less “anime” and more “animated masterpieces.” Super imaginative, on some other magical level of beautiful and truly strange, for every age group. His most famous film is Spirited Away, even won an Oscar for best animated film in 2001.

    My favourite of his is Howl’s Moving Castle, but Spirited Away is incredible. I’d start there!

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