My Kinda Late New Year Post

I’d like to start by pretending that I waited a couple days to write a New Year post because I didn’t want to get thoughts as sophisticated and worldly as these lost in the New Year blog post shuffle.

I’ve had some very exciting things happening lately (like my girlfriend and I now live in our very own, very first house!), I’ve been learning a lot (mostly handy man type stuff, but also that I’m not aging as well as I’d like) and been kicking ass at work (nothing official, so this parenthetical remark is just here to match the set). But aside from these good things, I’m here to make a checklist of things I’d like to focus on for the new year.

Without further ado:

  • Make this house a home: With the massive amounts of help that we received from both of our families, we’ve gotten everything ready and moved in. Now that we’re there, I’ve entered the realm of always having projects to stay on top of. I’m excited to keep making progress and doing all the little things that can really make things nice, I just need to be organized about keeping track of my to do list.
  • Make this body a home: Speaking of a to do list… I ended my membership with Lifeworks in Middleburg Heights because its just too far out of the loop that makes up my daily commute. After being there almost 6 years, I’m a little sad, but I know that I’d be paying an expensive monthly membership fee and barely going because of the logistics involved. The enormous bright side is that I’m a 7 iron away from the Medina Rec center, so this focus point is to be a member by February and get my behind back into shape. I haven’t gained a lot (6-7 pounds, depending on dinner), but by the end of this month I should have some time available to start back into my healthy groove.
  • Create more: I need to do more artsy fartsy crap. I need to read, write, draw and think more. It makes me a more complete person and helps me feel confident in my interactions with the different communities of people that I deal with on a day to day basis. The more practice I have with words, the better my professional conversations and emails become. The bonus to that practice is the confidence I get when someone reads this blog, or a tweet or facebook update, and comments positively. Those little things make it possible to write the next sentence, which starts that whole circle again.
  • There. Now that that’s over with, can someone please tell me if Slacker Radio is better than Pandora Radio? I’ll even shout you out sometime, like I’m important or something.



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6 responses to “My Kinda Late New Year Post

  1. Man, now I feel like a slacker….

  2. creativity in all forms is generally good for the soul. And supporting the arts helps everyone but then that is a biased statement. lol

    • I’ve long wished to be able to devote more time to the arts, so your bias is welcome here.

      I also tend to follow up nice sentences with a fart joke. He who replied it, supplied it.

  3. haha was this the post you were talking about? also, i am a technological dummy but i’ve just subscribed to your blog via GOOGLE READER #genuis

    • Woo. Congrats on the Google Reader figuring out. I have a Blackberry App the RSSes for me, or I’d have never gotten that down, either.

      I’m *just barely* past the technological dummy stage. My only saving grace is that I use enough big words to not get pwned like a n00b.

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