What’s Your Caption: The Weather Channel After Dark

That's a HUGE Cold Front

We finally know why Penn State's uniforms are white.

As always, leave me some captions.  I’m pretty sure you’re not beating mine today.



Edit:  I posted this at 7 am on Tuesday, and since this is the first caption contest that’s had a lot of participants, I’ll put a poll up in this space Wednesday at 7am.  That’s 24 hours of random awesomeness left on this contest.  I’ll pick some and we’ll have a vote.  Winner gets to pick the next picture I post. (As long as I don’t think it’s a totally inappropriate filth bomb)



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25 responses to “What’s Your Caption: The Weather Channel After Dark

  1. JohnnyWasHere

    “If this lasts more than 4 hours, see your doctor…..”

  2. JohnnyWasHere

    “…….If this doesn’t impress Betsy Kling, nothing will……”

  3. “Wow, thats gonna dump a huge load”

  4. “Today’s weather forecast includes a heavy chance of wang.”

  5. leslie

    That is one major case of the Herp….

  6. cheekymonkeeey

    Looks like he’s trying to hold it in.
    Good luck buddy. Good luck. That there’s evil.

  7. JohnnyWasHere

    The size says porn star, but the redness and inflammation say Magic Johnson.

  8. Clevelandoid

    I TOLD you Pittsburgh sucks. . .

  9. Clevelandoid

    Batten down the hatches, matey. Me thinks she’s gonna blow!

  10. And don’t forget ladies, this is the SHORTEST day of the year.

  11. Sarah Marchese

    I should not have worn boxers today.

  12. Annie

    Even the weather man couldnt predict the burning of the penis cream

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