What’s Your Caption: Cornholio Shops Here


I sure hope they have a toilet paper aisle.

What’s even funnier than the picture and the double entendre combined is how many people don’t know what a bunghole is and think the owner of the store is just a pervy Beavis and Butthead fan.

(If you’re on of those people, its ok, I didn’t know what it was either until I had to buy something called a bung wrench. I still laugh about that tool sometimes. I’m also very immature.)

PS – I’d love if all my creative friends would oblige me and try to outdo each other with captions for these pics.



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7 responses to “What’s Your Caption: Cornholio Shops Here

  1. I know what a bunghole is because I toured a winery one time. Actually, it wasn’t just any old winery, it was a motherhumpin’ wine CASTLE. It was good times.

    I don’t have anything clever to say, but there is a truck stop/conveience store in the midwest somewhere called the Kum & Go. For serious. Friends of mine went and bought hats.

    • I think I probably would have gotten a hat or shirt, too.

      As for touring a winery or vineyard, that’s on my to do list now that I know I’ll be able to say bunghole multiple times in conversation. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep a straight face. (No I don’t. No way I can do it.)

  2. JohnnyWasHere

    Liquor her up first and the bunghole is yours for the taking….

  3. Hey, your mom’s a bunghole licker…

  4. JohnnyWasHere

    When you’re in the area you know you want to drop into the Bunghole. Bunghole Liquor, we make it easy.

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