Trending Topics: What The Hell Is A Wikileak, Anyway Edition

The top 5 Twitter trending topics, right now, Wednesday, December 8th 2010.

#whyrelationshipsdontlast – This one has been around for most of the day.  It’s pretty straightforward, unless you don’t know whether to make a joke about it (Because they’re always trying to get out of my basement), or to be serious (Financial security is never the right reason to be together).  I’d say that since most of the people I saw tweeting this topic have been comedians or pornstars, I’m going to assume most people were like me, making hooker and fart jokes.

#payback – Here’s the official blurb: “Operation payback an internet attack by a group hackers called “Anonymous”. They are attacking organisations that harmed wikileaks, such as MasterCard, Twitter, Paypal, Visa and the Swedish prosecutors.”  I find this all wildly stupid.  Sure, I don’t love wikileaks, but I used the hell out of Napster, Limewire and any other way that I could get cool shit online for free, so how can I hate on wikileaks?  The website doesn’t provide the same service as those I used, but it provides the same spirit.  In the same thought process, I completely condemn attacking the entities that “hurt” wikileaks.  Attacking Mastercard and Paypal with savvy marketing and bad PR will get you international acclaim.  Attacking them with viruses and malware will get you arrested.  Idiots.

#checkmeout – Turning Twitter into myspace, one teenage bathroom mirror pic at a time.

Choi Minho – I’m going to the official blurb again.  I can’t help it.  This is some Korean boy band guy, and if there’s one thing I know absolutely nothing about, it’s Korean boy bands.  “aka Flaming Charisma of the Korean boy band SHINee. Minho is the lead rapper and the tallest. He turns 19 (20 Korean age) today so fangirls are going crazy. HappyFLAMINHOday!”  (American boy bands, however, *swoon*)

Urban Meyer – HEY! I know about this one! He’s the coach of the University of Florida Gators football team.  Guy has always been stand up, until he announced his retirement last year only to get talked into staying by the university.  Only, no one really knew the university talked him into staying, so Urban just ended up looking like Brett Favre with a tan.  Anyway, he had a couple of health scares, and would rather spend a couple of his prime years with his family than spending 18 hour days at the office recruiting and making game plans.  I don’t blame him.  He’ll be coaching again inside of five years.  Maybe even taking over for Jim Tressel at The Ohio State University.


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