Trending Topics: A Case of The Mondays Edition

Here’s the top 5 Twitter trending topics, right now, Monday, December 6th, 2010.

1) #thingsimiss – Aren’t hashtags cute? Well, instead of clogging my feed with these tweets, I’ll clog my blog. (hmm. That doesn’t really sound like something I want to do in front of all of you.  Some of you, maybe, but not all of you.)  I miss irresponsibility.  I miss crazy parties, being so *insert word here* that I couldn’t bring myself to move from Henry’s floor, Sublime on the stereo and 10 years later not being sure how we didn’t blow ourselves up trying to fix the furnace with open flame everywhere.  Gravity bong.  Bath tub.  Oh my.

2) #noonelikesyou – This is a blatant lie.  People like me.  At least at first.  Of course, the spirit of this hashtag is to provide snarky circumstances followed by the fact that if you do said snarky circumstance, no one likes you.  Here’s an example: If you read Josh’s blog without thinking that he’s funny and smart, #noonelikesyou

3)  #corrietramcrash – I had to Google this one.  Here’s a blurb that I’m unabashedly stealing from Coronation Street Blog: “Newly-released pictures from behind the scenes show the actor learning how to perform a stunt outside a burning house in the aftermath of the tram crash. After the tram smashes into the Alahans’ corner shop, a fire spreads through the Peacocks’ home next door. Lloyd, who is unaware of whether anyone is trapped inside the house, gets propelled to the ground as a huge blast blows through the door.”  In other words, this trending topic is based on fake circumstances.  WAY TO CHEAPEN THE POWER OF TWITTER, CORONATION STREET BLOG!

4) Martin Jol – This guy is a soccer manager who just quit without warning from the Dutch team Ajax.  My guess is that he put in his sudden resignation because soccer is stupid.

5) Dailey – Mark Dailey was an anchor for Toronto’s Citytv.  He passed from cancer at 57.  I’d love to make a joke about dying to get out of Canada, but that would be pretty distasteful.  Seriously, though, 57 is too young, and cancer is too terrible.  RIP Mark Daily, I didn’t know you, but lots of people did.  Prayers.



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2 responses to “Trending Topics: A Case of The Mondays Edition

  1. I super love these posts.


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