View From The Rail – Quitness Edition

I remember watching the draft lottery and jumping up and down cheering when David Stern announced that the Cleveland Cavaliers had landed the #1 pick.

I remember watching that first game against Sacramento and knowing that we were gonna be GOOD.

I remember… no… I’ll never forget the chills I got and the tear in my eyes when we came back against the Pistons in 2007. I couldn’t believe it. I almost cried. We had HOPE.

We’ve never won anything, at anything, since before I was born, and now we were going to win. Maybe not that year, but we were going to. We knew it.

Maybe I take it too far, but I invest a lot of my life into to men representing my home and doing things that I could never dream of doing. I love Cleveland, I think the city can make it, and I believe wholeheartedly in the impact that sporting success can have on a region.

The economy isn’t why I want to win, and neither is my personal fandom. What brings Cleveland fans together isn’t our fervor for the teams, its our fervor for each other. We all live here, we all fight the struggling economy together. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but no matter what happens, Cleveland holds us together.

Cleveland never quits.

I guess Lebron didn’t belong here after all.


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