View From the Rail

I want badly to write a daily, I always have, but I’m constantly struggling with the perception that I have nothing to write about. Its like I never realized that between my Google home page outlining headlines for me to read, people sending me interesting article via email, and the never ending information sharing on Twitter, that I have a gold mine of stuff to write about. And its better than a gold mine, anyway, because it reloads itself on a daily basis. I’m not sure of the title, or even of the frequency, but I’ll never have a voice if I don’t use the one I’ve got.

So, here’s a post. There will be some links, some opinion, some personal news and probably some other flotsam that’s always drifting around in my mind.

First, Like A Bosh is hilarious. If you’re any kind of NBA fan, you’ll laugh. The best part is, Heat fans won’t even know that the video is making fun of one of their own. These people can’t even figure out how to be fans on their own. Hell, if I get a nasty comment, it’ll probably be because David Stern is leading a war against Miami bashing. (Not yet, but he will.)

Today’s second thought is about how sad I’m going to be when the news stations don’t run a story apologizing to Browns fans for making us look like a group of wild animals. Here’s the article that won’t get talked about. It was clear from the beginning that no one viciously tackled an eight year old. And, honestly, if you’ve never been drunk enough to understand the possibility of falling on someone in public, you’re not from around here, anyway.

Now that the prison show came on TLC, I’m gonna go ahead and sign off. No way I can concentrate on a post when there’s a prison gang member doing bicep curls with a garbage can.


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