Salaciously Serendipitous

I tweeted today for people to send me some words and/or ideas for me to ditty about. @JohnnySarcasm sent me a tweet that only had the words “Salaciously Serendipitous”. I decided right away that I’d blog a couple verses based on those two words. I was really excited about doing it, too, right up until I started. Then I immediately regretted the decision. Its easier to rhyme the word orange than something based on those words and ideas. But, I’m a trooper, and exercising my mind doesn’t make any sense if I just wax about how my kittens are smitten with mittens, so here goes…

The basis of today is, to see where second base is, so find a shirt that barely fits, and show me some salacious. Don’t stomp now, walk gingerly, bring me some and then you’ll see how you and me were meant to be sexual serendipity.

That very well might have been terrible. If you think so, find @JohnnySarcasm and yell at him for putting crappy ideas in my head. @BridgetCallahan also suggested that I write something about what to do in Cleveland when its cold out and you’re out of alcohol. Since its getting cold and I often run out of alcohol, I think I’ll tackle this one soon.


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