Analyze This! (A Dream I Had, Not The Crappy Movie)

I don’t really believe in dream analysis, but I had a doozy last night, and I’m interested to see if anyone has any opinions about my apparent subconscious craziness. I’ll fill in the details that I remember, and leave out the ones I don’t.


Driving with my girlfriend in a red car when we hear banging and thumping from behind us. I remember first thinking it was just the road noise, but eventually I pulled over.

Suddenly we were standing behind the car and the thumping was clearly coming from the trunk. For some reason I started smashing the closed trunk with a heavy box I didn’t remember having a second ago. When that didn’t stop the thumping, I opened the trunk to find a partially naked blonde woman tied up in the trunk.

Of course, I untied her. The woman got out of the trunk, gave me a funny look and started walking down the sidewalk. I started walking after her. She turned to face me. She wasn’t doing anything but looking at me, but I felt danger and fear.

I grabbed her by the shoulders just as she started to shake. I felt pain, but not from anywhere specific, just pain. I started squeezing, she started screaming. More pain. She started doing that weird melting into a demon movie effect. I’m pretty sure the point wasn’t the movie effect, it was the demon part.

So now I’m trying to squeeze the life out of a naked demon woman thing standing on the sidewalk. We just froze there. The squeezing, screaming, pain and weird melting.

That’s when I got woke up.

What do you make of that?

Or, Hell, write your own ending. This could be fun.


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