Mmm Mmm OUCH!

Ok, I’ve got a beef. And a chicken noodle, tomato and italian wedding.

I opened a Campbell’s Chunky Soup today and about cut my damned finger off. Campbell’s uses gigantic, ogre football players to advertise its (delicious) soup. They’re obviously marketing to likewise ogre men who watch too much football* and probably aren’t making homemade stews as last minute meal ideas. I like to think of myself as slightly more advanced than ogre (I’m goblin-ish. Slightly larger, but the same penchant for tinkering and mischief), yet I still almost cut my damned finger off.

Here’s what I’m thinking, Campbell’s, you need to give us those safety lids on your chunky soup cans. Most of us football fans barely know how to use the microwave to cook the stuff**, the least you could do is make sure we don’t have to eat it out of a Thermos® on the to the emergency room.

*There is no such thing as too much football. The only thing better than 12 hours of football on Sunday and four more Monday night is four more hours on lucky Thursdays.

**Hell, your poster boy Donovan McNabb didn’t even know the rules to overtime!


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