The Resurrection of My Football Fandom

One game into the NFL regular season and I feel like a changed man. I loved watching the Saints beat the Vikings. I paid attention to momentum, offensive line play and coaching schemes. What I didn’t spend any timw thinking about was why Drew Brees wasn’t racking up touchdown passes and where Adrian Peterson’s big night went, or how I really needed a big night from Reggie Bush to get my fantasy team on track.

It isn’t that I just didn’t have any of the big time skill players from the Vikings or Saints on my fantasy team this year, the reason I watched that game differently is that I don’t have a fantasy team.

That’s right. No fantasy football team. I’ve been playing since I was a teenager. Cheap leagues, expensive leagues, hell, my last league has an 8 team waiting list, but this year I just wasn’t feeling the urge to play. So, I called up my commish, took myself off the competition committee and retired my team. It was a hard decision, but I really want to go back to watching football the way I did as a kid, for the game. For the teamwork, the emotion, the personalities and the way all of that makes the X’s and O’s and playcalling come to life.

Sure, football is violence, buts its also complicated. Its no one being more than six inches out of place on a 48,000 square foot field. Sometimes its every offensive player working in perfect unison to spring a running back for a long gain, and sometimes a broken play breaks a defense’s back. Sometimes football is Mike Utley giving a thumbs up, or Brett Favre playing through tears after his father died, or the New Orleans Saints reopening the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina.

There are moments in every season, every game, every play that have the potential to mean so much more than holding your breath until Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass.

So, I’m retiring my team. Goodbye, Amarillo Fats. I’ve had an amazing time, but I’m going to get those moments back.


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