This Twitter Thing Really Works

I post a rant about not being able to find a part time job, tweet the link, and –BLAMMO– I get a direct message asking about my availability for a gig! (I won’t reveal who sent it, because it was a DM and not public. I’ll definitely give this person props if its ok, though).

Unfortunately, it was an hour commute for a part time job, and that wouldn’t be economical. I also probably couldn’t guarantee getting there on time after my day job, which wouldn’t be fair to the job, either.

The fact that this particular job didn’t work out does not damper my enthusiasm that Twitter and blogging finally became a real life tool. People talk about marketing and networking on Twitter all the time, and I’ve doubtless made real friendships through tweeting, but this is the first time that I’ve actually had someone say, “I know you through Twitter, I trust that, I’ll consider you.” I know that I’m not breaking any news here, but that’s damn cool.

I’m still looking for that quality second gig, but I feel better about it.

In related news, I finally got my WordPress Blackberry app to work, so it looks like I’ll get addicted to blogging now that I can bang out a couple hundred words pretty much anywhere. Its really going to make me feel important, so you guys are just gonna have to deal.


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