On a dark and stormy night, about two weeks ago, absolutely nothing happened. As I was sitting there amid the nothing and eating a bowl of popcorn, I noticed that if I pushed my gut out that I looked like that pregnant transgender guy from the news. This, as you might imagine, was an astounding revelation.

I joined my gym five years ago at 250lbs and promptly lost about 40lbs. Success! But since then I have really been static when it comes to health and fitness. I work out all the time, mixing weight training, basketball and swimming for cardio and even the occasional yoga class, but my diet was absolutely killing me. Really, what good are strong abs if there’s a layer of beer and hotwings between them and the world?

So, a couple weeks ago, sitting on my couch and looking at my second trimester beer belly, I hatched a Twitter plan. From that point forward, I tweeted everything I ate and drank (besides water and gum) and all my exercises with the hashtag #railbirdjslim. I needed accountability. I needed someone to say, “Hey, you’re trying to lose weight, stop eating McDonald’s!”.

What I got along with that accountablility has been priceless. People started cheering me on, there are always motivational tweets and messages, and questions about how to help or how to do it themselves. @audreyhayden started her own hashtag, #audhayslim and thought that it would be good to use our motivation to become #teamslim. Now we have a growing list of #teamslim members, and the progress that we have made just in awareness of being healthy is amazing.

All in two weeks, and all because of some fantastic Cleveland Twitter friends. Sincere thanks to all.

Here’s a list of some members of #teamslim. If I missed you, or if you’ve joined since this posting, add yourself in the comments.




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6 responses to “#Teamslim

  1. Yay! I made your blog post 🙂

  2. Laura


  3. Audrey Hayden


  4. @davepolak Got suckered in to #teamslim by @audreyhayden but am more like #teamfat!

  5. @CraigC

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