In less than a week since Forbes Magazine named Cleveland the most miserable city in which to live, and due largely to grassroots Twitter indignation, we now have www.whattheforbes.com.  A website sponsored by Positively Cleveland, and deditcated to the best food, entertainment and events that Cleveland has to offer. 

We also have the #happyinCLE hashtag on Twitter.  This marker is added to Tweets that offer the sentiment that we love our Cleveland, no matter what Forbes says.  Here are a few examples:

So, along with the Twitter movement, the internet marketing campaign, we’ve got T-shirts from Fresh Brewed Tees and every Cleveland blogger doing every thing they can to dominate opinion about Forbes Magazine (including me).  I’ve Tweeted a bunch of stuff about being happy in Cleveland, most of them had to do with the sports landscape (I’m obsessed) or retweeting others’ great thoughts about our city, but I wanted to list a few reasons that I’m happy in Cleveland that didn’t make a big splash on Twitter.

Every day for the last 40 years, the kitchen at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Berea has been churning out three square meals set to be delivered to seniors in the area that can’t do for themselves.  St Paul is not only involved in Meals on Wheels but also works with Habitat for Humanity and is massively involved in community outreach.  This, it seems, is a good start.

This year is the 100th anniversary of  The City Mission in Cleveland, OH, and there’s not enough space on the internet to list all of wonderful things this organization has done for the people that live in this area.  The City Mission operates two different campuses and they provide everything from a warm bed and a meal for those in immediate need, to long term programs that teach crisis management, employment skills, and productive ways to live.  Along with Crossroads Mens Crisis Center, Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center, Pathways Family Outreach and an Inmate Outreach Program, the City Mission also provides local employment and volunteering opportunities to local residents and former program graduates.  This, I think, is really getting close.

We have all kinds of stories in Cleveland, OH, but take some time to read through some of these from The United Way of Greater Cleveland.  Those stories are the capper.

You see, Forbes, we do have a little hate in Cleveland, just like there’s a little hate in New York and Chicago and Sacramento and Oakland and Miami and Aspen.  But we have a whole lotta love here, too.  Sometimes when a place seems like it’s got everyone down, that’s when everyone starts pulling together and living the way that you’re supposed to live.  We give like crazy to every charity around, we volunteer at places like the St. Paul, The City Mission and The United Way, we shovel each other’s driveways, brush off each other’s cars and stop to hold open doors.  We do these things in Cleveland because we know that we don’t have best weather, or the best coast, or the best skyline.  We do these things in Cleveland because we do have the best something. 

And that’s why I’m happy in Cleveland.  Because we have the best people.


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