Railbird J. Slim

That’s my name… kinda. Many years ago I thought that Railbirdj would be a really cool internet identity. See, the phrase railbird comes from two things; all those old guys who stand at the rail all night at the horse races, all rolled up programs, big cigars and too much scotch; and guys who sit around pool halls, all rolled up bills, big cigars and too much scotch. As a side note, I also used to be a very active gambler, pool player, card player, and black belt in run on sentences.

The “J” came from Josh, which is my name. What crazy shit did you think?

I’ve got all kinds of weird opinions and cool ideas, but the reason I started this blog is a hashtag that I started using on twitter. I’m trying to lose a few pounds, and diet is the biggest fail I take part in daily, so I started using #railbirdjslim and tagging posts that I publish that list all the things I eat in a day. Hey, if we can shame Tiger Woods into a presser in 3 months, it can’t take much longer than that for people to shame me into losing 15 pounds.

So, that’s me, and that’s my reason for being here. Well, that and I think I’m interesting.


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